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Havannah is an abstract strategy board game invented by Christian Freeling. It is played on a base-10 hexagonal board, ten hexes (cells) to a side. The depicted board is base-8, a good size for beginners. Havannah belongs to the family of games commonly called connection games; its relatives include Hex and TwixT. One player plays as Black; the other plays as White. White starts, after which moves alternate. The rules are as follows - Each player places one stone of their colour on the board per turn. Stones are never moved, captured, or otherwise changed. A player wins when they complete one of three different structures from unbroken lines, or paths, of connected stones, all of their colour - A ring is a loop around one or more cells (it's irrelevant whether the encircled cells are occupied or empty); A bridge, which connects any two of the six corner cells of the board; or A fork, which connects any three edges of the board; corner points are not considered parts of an edge.  

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