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White Bear and Red Moon (WBRM) is a fantasy boardgame set in the peculiar fantasy world of Glorantha, invented by Greg Stafford and published in 1975. It depicts the wars between the mighty Lunar Empire and the barbarian nation of Sartar, led by Prince Argarath, with many smaller countries and individuals available as allies to either side. The game is a board wargame and shares a number of similarities with other games of that genre, such as a hex map, a large number of cardstock unit counters, and a number of rules themes. Indeed, from the combat rules alone, one would be hard pressed to differentiate this game from, say a World War 2 based game. What makes White Bear and Red Moon really stand out are its "exotic" units, each one of which comes with a host of special effects specifically intended to subvert normal gameplay in some way. These are well-realized and add a great deal of theme and flavour as well as some interesting tactical choices to the game. White Bear and Red Moon went through three printings with minor differences. It was substantially revised and republished in 1981 under the name Dragon Pass in 1983.  

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