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With few significant exceptions the first three years of the American Revolution were fought in the North. The war entered a new phase, however, following the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse in June 1778. By then the military situation in the North had become stalemated. This, coupled with France's entry into the war, required a new British strategy. Motivated in part by the expectation of rallying large numbers of loyalists to their standard, the British shifted operations to the South throughout 1780-81. First to fall was Georgia. Next they captured Charleston in May 1780. They crushed a second American army at Camden in August the same year. Before long all of South Carolina was overrun and they were poised to march into North Carolina. Overrunning the state was one thing, but pacifying it proved to be another. Three factors conspired against British success: Throughout the South partisan forces emerged that constantly harassed British outposts and supply lines. Famous leaders, such as Francis Marion, (the Swamp Fox), rode into legend at the head of their makeshift forces. Elements of the British army were defeated in detail at places like King's Mountain and Hannah's Cowpens. These losses could not easily be replaced. A new American commander rode South to rebuild and revitalize the American army. His name was Nathanael Greene.  

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