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The Chosen One, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, needs help purging Sunnydale of all the resident evil. Roll the dice to fight monsters directly, or cast magic spells against Buffy's foes. The game is designed to showcase Buffy's toughest challenges and her greatest strengths, which are all controlled by a roll of the die. The game board features familiar characters and locations from the hit TV show, like Sunnydale High School and the Sunnydale cemetery. An extra-cool addition is the Buffy playing piece made of solid pewter. This board game is easy to learn and has four variations to play. In each, the good players team up to beat the one evil player. Up to four players play the good characters: Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Oz. All four characters must be played, so if there are fewer than four people to play them, one or more players will control two characters. Another player plays the evil team, controlling a main villain (either The Master, The Mayor, The Judge, or Adam, depending on which scenario you're playing) and up to three minions. The board is a layout of Sunnydale, with public buildings, a crypt, a graveyard, and a few houses. There are resource, weapon, and help cards (the help cards are all other characters from the show) for the good characters, and evil cards for the evil team. A moon counter ticks off the phases of the moon, which affect the game in various ways.  

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