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Enter a world of adventure and Imagination! Become a Hero - Take on the roll of a fierce warrior, a mighty sorcerer, a powerful cleric, or a stealthy rogue and embark on a heroic quest. Brave the Unknown - Explore treacherous dungeons, battle terrifying monsters, and discover wondrous treasures. Bring Your Friends - Together with your bold companions, prove you've got what it takes to face the risks and collect the rewards in the greatest fantasy roleplaying game of all time. This is a new boxed set containing all the basics for those new to the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game from Wizards of the Coast. It contains everything needed to play exciting adventures, including a complete set of roleplaying dice, streamlined rules drawn straight from D&D core rulebooks, 4 double-sided map boards, 4 character sheets, 7 dice, Quick Adventure Book, Advanced Rulebook and 16 miniatures from the D&D Miniatures line. This is a great way for current players to introduce the game to a whole new generation!  

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