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Offering the perfect blend of strategy and fantasy, in Hunting Party each player portrays a different Hero to solve the prophecy. To aid in their quest to fulfill the prophecy, players, as party leaders, try to hire the destined Guide, Seeker, and Fighter, each with unique abilities, by bidding with shares of the King's Bounty. Hunting Party is a game that appeals to gamers of all types. First, its Prophecy puzzle mechanic will interest any gamer with an inquisitive mind. Next, its thirty-six characters, each with two unique abilities, allow players to manipulate the game and other players, like you might find in popular CCGs. However, since Hunting Party is a stand-alone card game, it can be easily adopted without the high financial investment. Also, gamers who enjoy the resource management and planning of Eurogames will find Hunting Party to be the perfect blend of strategy and fantasy. Furthermore, with stories found on many of the cards, there is an entire world in which an RPG player might immerse himself. In fact, the fantasy and strategy in Hunting Party have the makings of an evergreen game. In conclusion, this is a game that can be played time and time again; Where in each game, players will be competing to fulfill a different Prophecy with a different starting Hero. Since there are many different ways to fulfill the Prophecy, players can actually try different strategies from one game to the next, or even from one turn to the next. Stategy, fantasy, and replayability have never been so elegantly combined in a boardgame. To see how, go to the website, www.seaborngames.com, where you can view a demo of the game, every card in the game, and even the rulebook. For 2-5 players aged 13 and up. Playing time of 90 minutes.  

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