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Divine Right is played on a full-colour map of the fantasy world of Minaria, using counters to designate armies, fleets, barbarians, ogres, and other fighting forces. It is a turn-based war game that uses six-sided dice for all rolls. Magical creatures and items are also employed in an attempt to win the game through amassing more victory points than your opponents. This two- to six-player game incorporates combat, castle sieges, and diplomacy in a fantasy setting. Players use everything from fleets to mercenaries to magical creatures to special military leaders. Players are affected by usual events in war - weather, mutinies, plagues, etc. Victory is obtained by one of two methods - score the most points by the end of the 20th turn, or eliminate all opponents. To make all this happen, the game includes kingdom cards, personality cards, diplomacy cards, dice, unit counters, a full colour game map and complete instructions.  

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