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Capture three islands in a row, by controlling three points in a row on each. A strategic, move-and-place game with shifting strategies, that increases in complexity until one player wins. There is a minimum of 9 moves each, and a maximum of 24 moves for each player. A new move gives depth and fluidity to this game of few rules, on a board of extraordinary symmetry. The game Fire and Ice begins when the universe captured within this mystic talisman is disrupted by the central element of fire. Fire, the active force, moves first, leaving ice in its former place? thus restoring balance, but forever breaking symmetry. Ice, born where fire has receded, in turn moves leaving a new element of fire in its wake. And so, fire and ice continue in their fateful dance, choosing at each turn which elemental piece will channel their action: a piece whose options must be limited to either the free points of its own island of power, or an identically positioned point on another island. Theirs is a struggle to determine the destiny of the universe by controlling 3 islands of power lying along one of the 7 great lines of power, while the free points of this finite universe relentlessly fill. Only one will prevail. For 2 players aged 8 and up. Playing time of 20-30 minutes.  

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