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Captain your own pirate ship and explore the seas to Plunder other vessels and seek hidden treasure while avoiding storms, ghost ships and the dreaded kraken. An adventurous, fast-paced pirating escapade for the whole family!Plunder is the card game which combines the many elements of "euro-style" games, boyhood adventure, and actual history into a fast-paced escapade about the pirate's life! A big game in a little box: cards are laid out to form a different map-board each game. Combines the best features of card and board games. New mechanics for strategic randomization, with no dice. Each card has a number which may be played to add to different ratings. Multiple paths to victory, plunder ships, explore strange coast lands, and trade goods between ports. Combines history (actual nationalities, ports, and ships) with fantastical elements (from the dreaded kraken to the lure of mermaids). For 2-4 players aged 8 and up.  

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