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Napoleon in Europe is a game produced by Eagle Games. It combines elements of economy, politics, and military into victory. Many liken it to a perfect mix between Axis & Allies and Diplomacy. There are seven major nations to play as in NiE - France, Great Britain, Russia, Austria, Prussia, Spain, and the Ottoman Empire. When games are played, most of the time each country is given (in relative terms) the amount of troops it had historically. So, naturally, France and Russia vastly outnumber the forces of second-stringer powers like the Ottomans. Each player has their own designated turn where they move, and then fight any combats that result from it. But there, the similarities end. Rather than randomly roll huge fistfuls of dice as Risk players do, fighting troops are transferred over to another, smaller board that simulates a battlefield, allowing for the game to be played on both a tactical and strategic level.  

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