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This is a tactical level, simultaneous movement game of ship to ship combat in the American Civil War. Players move one or more of over 130 counters that represent individual ships over a large four piece geomorphic mapboard as they attempt to outmaneuver and outshoot their opponents. Ship specification cards give such vital information as the number, size location and play of individual guns that are fired separately using specific range and penetration tables for each weapon. The cards also contains target information for such areas as: armor, siding, decking, smoke stack, hull, pilot house, waterline, crew and gun hits. Other unit counters include five individual forts, floating batteries, mines, torpedoes, booms, piles, heavy obstructions, fires, damaged ships and much more. Scale: One hex equals 100 yards. One ship per counter. Components: 42 x 27.5 inch map 300 diecut counters log sheet charts and tables two dice rulebook with basic and optional rules. For 1 to 8 players. Playing time of 60-180 minutes.  

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