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To survive, your team must acquire strange and deadly equipment by confronting the illusionary guardians of the labyrinths. But through every minute of play, the enemy will be uncomfortably close, hounding your team as you hound theirs.....With character teams, equipment, and even the map itself changing from game to game, you will discover a unique experience with each play. No matter your gaming background--be it role-playing, hard-bitten wargaming, or relaxing nights with family or friends--you will find an enjoyable experience that is easy to learn, fun to play, and rich with imagination.Game Contents: 4 PAKIT platters; 10 PAKIT keys; 52 equipment cards; 40 guardian cards; 28 character cards; 40 game markers; 2 chart cards; 4 dice and rulebook. For 2-16 players aged 12 and up.  

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