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Age of Renaissance is a board game published by Avalon Hill in 1996. Age of Renaissance is somewhat of a sequel to Civilization. In 1997, Age of Renaissance won the Origins Award for Best Pre-20th Century Board Game of 1996. In Age of Renaissance, each of the players takes the role of one of six commercial capitals of Europe. Venice, Genoa, Barcelona, London, Paris, and Hamburg. Initially each player controls one city, namely their capital. As the game progresses, each player's financial empire grows to a larger number of cities which provide income each turn. Each region where a city can be established also produces one of a number of different commodities, stone, wool, timber, grain, wine, cloth, metal, fur, silk, spice, gold, or ivory. Control of commodities doesn't do anything alone, but when a commodity card is played, every player with stakes in that commodity cashes in. Commodities and income from cities provide players with their two main sources of income. Players then use that money to buy counters to expand their empire, and to buy civilization advances that have various effects on the game. For 3-6 players. Playing time of 120-360 minutes.  

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