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Can't Stop is a board game for up to four players. The game equipment consists of four dice, a board, a set of markers for each player, and three neutral-coloured markers. The board consists of eleven columns of varying heights (one for each of the numbers two through twelve). The columns on the ends (two and twelve) are the shortest, with only three spaces, and the seven column is the tallest, with thirteen spaces. On a player's turn he rolls all four dice. He then divides the four dice into two pairs, each of which has an associated total. (For example, if he rolled 1 - 3 - 3 - 4 he could make a 4 and a 7, or a 5 and a 6.) If the neutral markers are off of the board then they are brought on to the board on the columns that correspond to these totals. If the neutral markers are already on the board in one or both of these columns then they are advanced one space upward. If the neutral markers are on the board, but only in columns that cannot be made with any pair of the current four dice, then the turn is over and the player gains nothing. After moving the markers the player chooses whether to roll again or not. If he stops, then he puts markers of his colour in the location of the current neutral markers. If he on a later turn restarts this column he starts building from the place he previously claimed. If he does not stop then he must be able to advance one of the neutral markers on his next turn, or all previous progress on this turn is lost. When a player reaches the top space of a column and claims it then this column is won, and no further play in that column is allowed. When a player claims three columns he has won the game.  

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