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A House Divided simulates the epic struggle of the American Civil War that was fought over the twin issues of slavery and states' rights. The period from 1840 to 1861 saw the issues brought to a boil, and in 1861 the nation became entangled in a terrible war that lasted four long years. This game covers the war between the North and the South from the First Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas Junction) to Lee's surrender at Appomattox (or Grant's surrender at Harrisburg...). Each player becomes a leader of one of these two nations and makes the strategic decisions which determine the ultimate outcome of the war. Two sides fought the Civil War, and two sides play A House Divided. One player is the North - the Union, the original United States, the Northern player. The other player is the South - the Confederacy, the Rebels, the Southern player. This game is played on a large mounted mapboard showing America, from the Atlantic coast in the east to Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana in the west. On the map are a number of boxes, each representing a city, town, or location important to the war. The boxes are connected by transportation-lines: rivers (blue), roads (beige), and railroads (black). For 2 players. Playing time of 60 minutes.  

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