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The Russian Campaign was a strategic simulation wargame of the Eastern Front during World War II, during the period 1941-45. The unit scale is German Corps and Russian Armies. The game was designed by John Edwards, and was first published by the Avalon Hill game company in 1976. A game of The Russian Campaign is normally played between two players, with one playing the side of Germany and its allies, and the other playing the side of Russia. The game is then played in a series of turns, with the German player performing a sequence of actions followed by the Russian player repeating the same sequence. The game came in a colour-printed cardboard box, with a fold-out, cardboard-backed game board (22" ? 28"); Order of Battle cards giving the unit deployments for the German and Russian players; a sheet of 225 counters (chits); a set of rules, and a six-sided die. The system features a double-impulse movement system that simulates the German armoured blitzkrieg into Russia, with mass breakthroughs and encirclements. The rules cover unit production with Russian factories, air strikes, partisans, rail movement, and weather rules. There are also several smaller scenarios detailing key periods during the campaign.  

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