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Cube Checkers is a game played between two players. Each player starts with 12 cube checkers. One player uses the black cube checkers and the other player uses the red cube checkers. The Cube Checkers board is placed between the players so that the corner space to the right of each player is white. To start the game the cube checkers are positioned on the board as shown above with No. 1's face up on all the cube checkers. All the cube checkers sit and move only on the dark spaces. To start, the player with the black cube checkers moves first and the moves alternate between players. The numbered Cube Checker board is used so that the various moves can be pointed out and recorded. The numbers merely indicate the different spaces on the playing field and make it possible to designate the position of the cube checkers. Only thirty-two of the board squares are used making the notation simple. Cube Checkers offers the additional dimension of the roll-over move. The roll-over move allows a player to change the power of a cube checker at a moments notice right from the opening move of the game. This allows a player to use his or her creative abilities to develop winning strategies instead of memorizing playing patterns or the paths of several different playing pieces.  

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