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Rivers, Roads & Rails is a matching game where a transportation system is built. A large area like a tabletop or the floor is used. The tiles are turned face down and all players randomly draw ten tiles and place them face up in front of them. The youngest player is the first player to start. The starting player randomly chooses a face-down tile, and turns it face up in the center of the play area. Beginning with the starting player, each player in draws a face-down tile (while there are ones remaining). Each tile has at least one of the river, road or rail on it. The player chooses one of his tiles and places it so that it matches up with river, road and/or rail on the tiles that have already been played. If that player cannot play a tile, then he must pass. Play then proceeds to the next player (rules don't specify which direction) until all of the tiles of one player have been played, or no one can play a tile. The winner is the person who first plays all of his tiles. If no more tiles can be played, then the winner is the person with the fewest tiles remaining.  

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