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Kremlin is a board game parody of soviet government. It was designed by Urs Hostettler and released in 1988 by Avalon Hill. In 1989, Kremlin won the Origins Award for Best Boardgame Covering the Period 1900-1946. Each player controls a number of "politician cards" depicting caricatures of Soviet politicians. These are arranged in a pyramid on the game board, representing a hierarchy of power. Players promote, demote and exile these politicians in order to manoeuvre their own politicians to the top of the pyramid. Each turn, the topmost politician "waves". If a player's politician waves three years (game turns) in a row, the player wins. Additionally, politicians age and each year there is a chance they will die. There is a significant chance that no player's politician will wave three years in a row, and in effect the game itself will win.  

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