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Airlines is a game of airline operations and business in the 1990's. Players represent the Chief Operations and Marketing Officers of major American airlines, whose job is to fly the most passengers over a given period of time. There are two basic games in Airlines. The One-Year Quick Game which takes about 45 minutes to play and the Three-Year Game, which takes about two and a half hours to play. Airlines is played in rounds representing one month of operations. Up to 4 players take turns drawing cards, placing gates and hubs at airports, assigning aircraft, playing events and operations cards, and scoring seats. Three game variants are included, a 1 year, a 3 year standard and a 9 year game. Game contains 220 (2.5x3.5) cards, score pad, range map, rules and a sample of game play. Airines sets 1 and 2 may combined to create a much larger game. For 2-4 players. Playing time of 45 minutes.  

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Airlines - United States Set 2 (1998)
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