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Nine Men's Morris is a two-player strategy board game with a long history in Europe. The pattern of the board is found twice, as grafitti, in the 1300 BC Egyptian temple, the Ramesseum in Kurna in Egypt. Each player has nine pieces which move between the twenty-four intersections of three interlocking squares. The object of the game is to remove all the enemy pieces. Every time a player forms a line of three (a mill) on any line drawn on the board, he is entitled to remove one enemy piece, with the proviso that a piece may not be removed from an enemy mill. The game starts with the board empty. Players take turns placing pieces on any empty intersection. After all eighteen pieces have been placed, players take turns moving. A move consists of sliding a piece along one of the board lines to an adjacent intersection. If a move in either phase of play results in three collinear pieces of the same colour, then any one of the opponent's pieces may be removed from the board, unless that piece is currently forming a 3 in a row and there are other pieces of the opponent's colour still on the board. For 2 players. Playing time of 60 minutes.  

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