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Each expansion pack features 30 different cards that can be incorporated into the Blue Moon premium card game. The Aqua are water creatures, aiming to realise their longing for harmony between all peoples of Blue Moon. To achieve this, the Aqua use not only peaceable methods. Although the Aqua usually stay in the background and pull the strings. There's no need to become active themselves since their leader, the Aquatica Suprema Aqua-Alpha-Alpha, has dozens of most deadly sea creatures at hand. Creatures that have their own idea of "harmony"between the peoples. In fact they consider most other peoples as a perfect harmonic meal. If stirred up by the Aqua, even the water can become a deadly threat to their opponents - beginning with somewhat harmless undertows and ending with all consuming floods. But the sharpest weapon of the Aqua is without question their unvulnerability. Water itself protects many of the Aqua. Everything living in the water can harm creatures at land. This is not true the other way round... For 2 players. Playing time of 30 minutes.  

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