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Lotus is a board game for two to four players developed by Dominique Teller and published by Ravensburger Spieleverlag. The object of the game is to move one's pieces off of the board before the other players. The game board has a large image of a Chinese dragon in the middle, and a Chinese character in each board position. The board is has two starting positions. The players each start with initial stacks of chips, and select one of the starting positions to move onto. These are two paths which merge into one initial track. Halfway through the track there is a "trampoline" position, which doubles the player's move length. Players are allowed to move one piece the amount of the height of the stack. For example, if a stack has four pieces, the player may move a piece four positions ahead of that stack. A player may not move a piece off of a stack on which an opponent's piece is on top (unless the player cannot make any other move, but he or she can also elect not to move).  

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