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Welcome to corporate America in the 1980's. You play the president of a division of Rinky Dink, Inc.- a nefarious, multi-tentacled, multinational megacoup bent on plundering the environment for fun and profit. Your job: tear up the earth gathering raw materials, turn them into products and sell them on the open market for millions. The more money your division makes, the more money you can funnel into your Swiss Bank Account. The more you pollute, the quicker you destroy the environment. Cut down the forests and send the Spotted Owls packing. Dig up the hills and turn the buffalo into burgers. The first person to embezzle $150 million before the environment is devastated wins! Standing in your way: corrupt congressmen, enraged eco-terrorists, useless unions, unreliable workers, and the relentless IRS. The worst obstacle of all: your fellow players, each the president of a different division of Rinky Dink, Inc.  

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