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Driven by their lust for invaluable mithril and precious gemstones, the dwarves dug deeper and deeper under the mountain. One day they dug too deep, and opened the ancient vault of the sleeping demon Magdar in his primordial prison of lava and shadow. But even as the demon advanced towards, the dwarves, they were amazed by the gemstones that, driven by Magdar's heat, sprung from the rocks before him. They may have dug too deep, but a greedy and daring dwarf could still have a chance to make good on a bad day. In Magdar, each player controls a team of dwarves prospecting for riches on a board that is slowly being destroyed over the course of play. Do you run back to safety with what few gems you have? Or do you risk Magdar's wrath and dig deeper in search of more? For 2-4 players aged 9 and up. Playing time of 20-30 minutes.  

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