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Balanx is a 2 player balancing game by Kris Burm, the abstract game-meister.The game has a low plastic see-saw grid with spaced grooves. Players have 10 heavy glass marbles in black and white, the same as found in Abalone, and 2 small steel ball bearings. Players start with their balls on the opposite side and corner of the grid and move them towards themselves forwards and sideways, but not diagonally. The trick is that before you make your move, you hold the balancing board down on your side, making the balls roll along the grooves and changing the set up entirely. Winner is the first to get your balls across to your corner, but if you leave any balls in the opponents corner to block a finish, you lose. The steel balls run in side grooves to affect the balance and apparently indicate whether you're winning or losing. For 2 players age 8 an dup. Playing time of 20 minutes.  

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