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The Army of Darkness board game was put out in 1992 by a company called Leading Edge. The game represents the battle at Arthur's castle at the end of the movie. The game board is composed of 15 3/3 inch squares and 4 6/3 inch wall squares within a square sized castle. All thin white and red outlines printed on a picture of the Deadites from the movie. You have key squares like the tower (where the book goes), the pit (if this opens Deadites start to appear in the pit), the wall squares (This is where Deadites usually appear), and the gate (eventually the Deadites break through the gate and appear hear). This game can be played with 1 to 8 players. There are seven mortal characters and the Death Mobile. The characters are Ash, Arthur, Henry the Red, The Blacksmith, The Wise Man, Archer Caption, and Goldtooth (the balding guy with the whip that Ash confronts and asks "You want a little?" threatening Goldtooth). The Evil characters (aka "Deadite Champions") are Evil Ash, Evil Sheila, The Flying Demon, and The Deadite Champion himself. The goal of the game is to destroy all four of the "Deadite Champions". You have a deck of equipment cards, 4 of these cards are "Deadite Champion" cards (one for each Evil Character). As you draw Equipment cards the "Deadite Champions" appear. Each mortal hero can choose to draw equipment cards if they're in the clear. The standard Deadites keep appearing on the wall squares each turn. They move with a preprogrammed set of movement unless a human is playing the Deadites. If 8 mortal heroes are used, instead of the standard 4, you double the amount of Deadites that appear.  

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