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Panzer Armee Afrika is a board wargame that was published in 1973 by Simulations Publications, Inc. The game is a simulation of the campaign for North Africa during World War II, from April 1941 until November 1942. It included a 22" ? 34" stiff paper map printed in various shades of brown, a set of die-cut cardboard counters, and the rules. The map is overlaid by a hex grid to standardize movement, with a scale of 12 miles per hex. Each game turn represented one month during the war, and the full campaign lasts 20 turns. This is a two player game with one player controlling the allied forces and the other player the axis units. Each turn resolves allied actions first, followed by the axis. A player's turn consists of the supply determination, followed by movement, combat resolution, and the addition of reinforcements and the replacement of previously destroyed units.  

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