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In the Volcarren Wasteland, the battle heats up. Now you can create lava spaces that add strategy and excitement to your battle. Lava field titles and molten lava titles may be deadly for warriors who dare to walk upon them; but your Obsidian Guards thrive on this scorching terrain. This special squad marches easily through lava, hurling fireballs at enemies within range. Dedicated fans of the popular game Heroscape will appreciate this well-made and valuable terrain expansion set. There are 25 terrain pieces in all: five hexagonal lava field tiles, eleven molten lava tiles, four 7-piece lava field tiles, and five double-hexagonal lava field tiles. Though one would obviously only buy these items to go with another product, they are of high quality with even the blank lava tiles featuring some texturing and detail. Aside from that, all we can say is that the tiles fit together nicely and will do a lovely job facilitating game play.  

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