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Run, run, fast as you can.... Yours' is an enchanted land made entirely of candy and confections, but underneath that sugar frosted veneer lies the disturbing truth. The king has betrayed you all. The sweet, candy citizens all over the land are being packaged and shipped from the castle to voracious children all over the world. But not you. You're not going out like that. Time to get your candy buttons out of Dodge! So it's every gingerbread man for himself in a mad dash for the border. And if you have to snap a few ginger limbs to save yourself, well...that's the way the cookie crumbles! Run For Your Life, Candyman is a twisted board-game for 2-6 mean-spirited players ages 12 and up. Contents include a game board, 25 Gingerbread Status Sheets, 6 Gingerbread tokens, 68 Dash N Bash cards, and 30 Special Treat cards.  

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