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1695... The Caribbean... At the head of your crew of cutthroat pirates, you set full sail for a small island indicated on the treasure map you took from the most feared pirate of the Spanish Main while he was on his deathbed. This map also shows you the spots where he buried all of the treasure and rum he ?collected? over his career. As you approach the island you see another suspicious ship approaching the tiny island. It?s another pirate? In fact, it?s your brother! How did he find you? Throughout your life he has always tried to steal what was rightfully yours. He must have a copy of the map too, and is trying to claim the booty for himself! A merciless struggle ensues. To win, you must be the first to land on the island and claim the treasure, you must conquer the greatest number of territories, and you must throw the most enemy pirates into the sea... Yo-Ho-Ho and a Race to the Rum!  

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