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The audience is jubilant, the arena is full to the very last place, and already the fearless gladiators enter the arena to face other gladiators and various wild animals. Players first recruit groups of gladiators from a pool of hopefuls with five different abilities. They are fighters, shield bearers, spear throwers, net casters, and trident carriers. Players assemble 2-4 groups of 4 gladiators. Only the strongest and smartest teams will survive. Although dice are used to resolve the battles, it is the make-up of the teams that is most important. The net casters are important for their ability to neutralize opposing gladiators. The spear holders are the fastest gladiators and determine which teams attack first in a battle. The swordsmen are important for their fighting ability. They determine how many dice the team rolls in a battle. The shield carriers are important for their ability to protect the team from simple hits. Finally, the prong bearer is important as he can enable a team to re-roll the dice to try to improve the result. Beware, however, the second roll is the one that counts, even if it is not as good as the first, so players should not get too greedy. When the groups are ready, the players move them around the arena to challenge the animals or other players' groups. When only one player has gladiators left, the players score for the gladiators they retained and the animals and gladiators vanquished during the game. For 2-4 players aged 10 and up. Playing time of 45 minutes.  

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