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Axis and Allies is a strategy board game set during World War II. Up to 5 players can take control of one of the Axis (Germany or Japan) or Allied (UK, Soviet Union or USA) nations. The object of the game is to win the war by capturing enough critical territories. A&A is not a strict historical wargame, due to its streamlining for ease of play and balancing so both sides have a chance. For instance, the economic model is rather bare-bones, with each territory producing a number of Industrial Production Certificates good toward the purchase of any unit. Moreover, the game is supposed to start in spring of 1942, but Japan is immediately in position to attack Hawaii again, while Germany is pressed well into the USSR with an initially superior force. Another significant difference is that the Soviet Union and Japan are opponents at the start of the game; historically, they did not go to war with each other until 1945. For 2-5 players. Playing time of 240 minutes.  

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