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West End Games RAF Board Game. July 1940. Germany stands Triumphant. The soldiers of the fatherland have trampled the forces of Democracy. France is no more; Poland has been dismembered. Only England remains to challenge Hitler. No conqueror?s foot has trod British soil for a thousand years. But already planes, ships and men assemble at channel ports, awaiting the word to launch Operation Sealion-The Invasion of Britain. If England falls now, so too will fail the cause of Democracy. The fate of the free world lies in your hands-for you command the pilots of the Royal Air Force. WWII Solitaire Air Combat Game. You control the squadrons of the Royal Air Force. You position each days patrols where you believe the Nazis will strike and decide which raids to intercept. As your pilots grow exhausted you fight a merciless war of attrition with the Luftwaffe. Your pilots will give their all-but will it be enough? The game system controls the Luftwaffe. A unique card systems determines the targets and composition of each German Raid. The uncertainty of war is preserved, the nature of the raid may be hidden until after you have committed your forces. But the foe is no mindless system, the Luftwaffe has priorities and a strategy. Your must destroy the enemy. Day after day Nazi bombers pound England into ruin. Each town you down a German plane, each time you prevent a bomber from reaching its target, you stave off the Nazi invasion. If you succeed England stays free, if you fail, then the free world falls with you.  

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