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This is the Wild West! The newly settled prairie where cowboys and Indians have frequent run-ins, where vigilante justice is the only kind of justice, where bank robberies are a daily occurrence, where the riches of hidden gold draw fortune hunters from near and far, where the saloons are populated by a motley crew of card sharks, con men, and everyday cheats. In short, this is a world ruled by the laws of the frontier, and even those are made to be broken. It is here, in this pitiless land, where you must try to make your ranch the biggest, most successful spread in the whole, wild, West, and earn yourself the respect a tough hombre like yourself deserves. In order to build your ranch (and your reputation) you must take over the largest number of ranges, round up the most herds, assemble the largest number of cowboys and amass the most money possible. To reach this goal, you can act wisely, or call upon slightly more unsavory methods... in this environment, the ends ALWAYS justify the means. Just don?t attract the attention of The Law.... For 2-6 players.  

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