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Geist is a family board game that combines imaginative gameplay with a healthy dose of strategy. Pack a crafty mind and a fistful of chilli peppers to chase down and capture Geists (ghosts), each with its own mischievous prank you can play on your opponents and even on yourself! Each player takes on the role of a Geist Hunter" and the first to catch their set of Geists and get them safely to the underworld wins. To catch Geists, you need to lure them with an exact number of Zingiberi chips. A Clever movement system encourages people to cheat and get away with it, or at least makes everyone watch closely. Each Geist, once captured, can also be used to "prank" other players, and this keeps things rowdy but also adds to the strategy. Look for the Chilli Pepper cards to spice things up since the Geists don't usually like them . The game takes about an hour to play."  

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