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Battle of the Bulge is a wargame published by Avalon Hill as part of the Smithsonian American History Series. The game simulates World War II battle of the same name and is designed for two players. It is based upon the general Avalon Hill system of combat and movement factors with a focus upon ease of play. The basic rules cover a single sheet of approximately legal-sized paper. Aggressive gameplay is required by the German player, who must exceed the historical success of his forces. The American player must be able to transition from delaying tactics in the early game to assaults once force superiority is gained. The rules provide for a short game covering the initial five days of the battle (beginning 1944-12-16), a mid-length game covering the Allied counterattack, including the encirclement of the 101st Airborne Division, and a long game covering 16 days. Advanced game rules include air power, supply, and fuel usage.  

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