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Abalone is a two-player strategy board game which can be quaintly summarized as "sumo wrestling with marbles", as the objective is to push opposing marbles off the edge of the board. The rules can be mastered in a minute or two, and the flow of the game is fast-paced. Abalone tends to draw in new players much more quickly than complicated, slow games such as chess. Also, pushing the marbles is physically satisfying. The click-click-click as one's marbles push the enemy back is almost musical. The board consists of 61 circles arranged in a hexagon five on a side. Each player has 14 marbles which rest in the circles, and are initially arrayed as shown at left. The player with the black marbles moves first. For each move, a player moves a line of one, two, or three marbles one space, either inline (parallel to the line of marbles) or broadside (not parallel to the line of marbles).  

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