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In this fast-paced and colourfully designed game, you'll invest in a stable of Formula 1 race cars and then strategically move them around your choice of the Detroit or Cleveland courses depicted on the large double-sided folding board. Cards played by you and your opponents allow some or all cars to move every turn. Three-lane straightaways narrow into two lanes or -yikes!- extremely tight single-lane curves, which can block all laggards. Or play a "switch" card and hijack an opponent's moves. If you're blocked, you're stuck until the pileup clears, but cross the finish line and you're in the money - 200 thou for first to take the flag, down to 10K if you sputter in last. The owner with the most money after three races wins. The Cleveland course looks to have more multilane straightaways, while the Detroit side of the board contains some unusual single-lane pipe joints. The manoeuvring and finesse are up to you.  

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