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Between 1337 to 1453, France was a cauldron of many ambitions. What began as a mere quarrel between the ruling families of France and England over who should succeed to the French throne, eventually grew until all of Western Europe was involved in a war that would last over a century. In Joan of Arc, each player leads one of six major factions that fought the Hundred Years War: France, England, Brittany, Flanders, Burgundy or Ravarre. You must conquer great cities, some of them fortified, and lead your armies into battle exercising cunning, diplomacy and simple brute force. The more towns and provinces you control the more you spread your influence. The greater your influence becomes, the greater become you assets. With these you finance the building of castles and fortresses to better hold your ground. The more ground you hold the more points you gain toward placing your Pretender on the throne of France. But no one faction is strong enough to do this alone. Alliances will form and from them a circle of deceit and treachery surround you. Who can you trust? Who will you betray? For 3-6 player. Playing time of 180 minutes. Components include one mounted game board, 80 cards, 36 resin cast castles and strongholds, die-cut coin markers and garrisons representing the factions of France, England, Navarre, Brittany, Flanders and Burgundy.  

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