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This game recreates small-units action during the Imperial war against the Tyranids' Hive Fleet Kraken. One players moves squads of Space Marine Scouts inside the guts of a Hiveship, and the other defends the bioship by placing "blips" and Tyranid warriors and creations. The game can be played as a single game or as a campaign, and while it includes only two Space Marines squad and six Tyranid Warriors it also has rules for including almost every miniature from the WH40K range. The map is built by the Tyranid player according to a secret map he prepares before. The space marines explore and attack, hoping to survive the waves of aliens. The models have different actions and options during the game, and the game is fully compatible with Space Hulk and Space Crusade. For 2-4 players. Playing time of 240 minutes.  

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