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Terrace is a strategy game played on a three dimensional board. The board has 64 squares of uniform colour, which are arranged in L-shaped levels ("terraces") that rise stepwise from the board's lowest points in two diagonally opposite corners to its highest points in the other two corners. All pieces are shaped alike and move according to the same rules, but they are of 4 different sizes and vary in capturing "power." One of each player's smallest pieces has the letter "T" carved into it and has a role somewhat similar to the king in chess. The object is to win either by moving your T from its starting point at one corner to an opposite corner, or by capturing your opponent's T. Born out of one of the inventors' frustration at the difficulty of teaching chess, Terrace features a simple, locally-oriented rule set that applies across all pieces, without compromising on depth of strategy. Games tend to be circling rapier duels for territorial control and material advantage, and players are often faced with the dilemma of pursuing one of the two victory conditions.  

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