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In 1814, the withered French army, led by the brilliant and always inspiring strategist Napoleon Bonaparte, was finally defeated by the combined forces of Great Britain, Prussia, Russia and Austria. The army was disbanded and the emperor exiled to Elba. He soon escaped and on March 1, 1815, he landed in Marseilles and marched on Paris. The people hailed him as a hero, and he was soon reinstated as their leader. His New Empire was to last only 100 days. Bonaparte quickly called up all army veterans and rebuilt his Imperial Army. He could count on magnificent leaders such as Ney, Grouchy and d'Erlon. For a decisive punch in any battles to come, he bolstered his army with his elite Imperial Guard. For when they moved in for the kill, the battle was usually soon over. Napoleon decided to race north in the general direction of Brussels, between the British/Dutch and the Prussian armies, and destroy them piecemeal. After battles at Ligny and Quarte Bras the armies finally met at the small town of Mont St. Jean near Waterloo on June 18, 1815. Waterloo: Napoleon's last Battle is an exciting tactical boardgame that simulates one of the most important battles of all time. 2 (French vs. British and Prussian) or 3 (French, British, Prussian) players step into the shoes of their historical counterparts and decide how to defeat the opposition and win the battle. For 2-3 players aged 12 and up. Playing time of 60 minutes.  

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