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Centuries ago, in a secret enchanted forest, rival princes vied for control of magic amulets called Dragonstones. They paid handsomely for these stones and the inhabitants of the forest - Wizards, Magicians, and Gnomes, as well as Thieves, Witches, Trolls, and many others - all searched for the magic Dragonstones to claim their rewards. While this forest kingdom is now only a legend, travelers can still journey to the fabled Inn of Dragonstones to hear ancient tales and re-live the quest for the Dragonstones by completing against other adventurers in a legendary game of guile, bluff, and bold tactics. Players try to outwit their opponents by using gold and magic coins to buy control of an ever-changing cast of enchanted character cards. Those characters' powers collect valuable Dragonstones; lend their magical powers; help foil other players, and convert Dragonstones into victory. For each brilliantly-illustrated character card, players choose the number of coins they want to bid by placing them in a closed fist. All players reveal their bets at the same time with the winner of the auction then gaining control of the cards' powers. Depending on the card they may; win additional coins or Dragonstones; place spells on other players; or win scoring points. For 3-6 players aged 8 or more. Playing time of 45-60 minutes.  

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