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Get all three Catfight Decks in just one click. This is the most well-balanced and, some say, the best looking BRAWL set, with cool catgirl art by Bryce Nakagawa. Nickie is a tricky fighter who hates to play by the rules. She is never in class and always in trouble, but she never misses fighting practice! Sonia's parents lost her on a safari and she spent years with a family of wild marmosets. She prefers jungle garb to her school uniform, and she loves a good brawl. Tamiya has lots of boyfriends, but her best friend is her giant wooden hammer! The other girls tease her because she's so good in school, but she just knocks them out cold. BRAWL is a real-time card game played at high speed. Each deck is a different character with a unique mix of cards, and each player needs a different deck to play. For 2 or more players. Playing time of 5 minutes.  

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