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Afrika (SCS) In late 1940, the Italian Army invaded Egypt beginning the famous North African Campaign of World War Two. After a short withdrawal, the Commonwealth forces counterattacked and all but threw the Italians back to Tripoli. To assist the failing Italian Army, Hitler dispatched a German contingent under Erwin Rommel to stabilize the situation. Rommel, however, had other ideas and began a series of rapid mobile campaigns across the rocky sands driving the Commonwealth all the way back to El Alamein in Egypt. By 1942, however, the Commonwealth had finally found the man to counter Rommel, Montgomery. He massed his forces and threw Rommel and the Afrika Corps out of the theater. Afrika is a fast paced game at the operational level. Can you drive your axis forces to the Nile? Can your Commonwealth forces drive the Axis out of Egypt for good? This game gives you the tools to find out. Contents: 1 countersheet of 280 counters SNEAK PEEK! 1 full (22"x34") and 1 half mapsheet SNEAK PEEK! (700kb) SCS rulebook (approx 8 illustrated pages) Afrika specific rulebook (approx 12 illustrated pages) 2 dice.  

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